Many effective birth control options are available today, including both hormonal and non-hormonal methods, short-acting and long-acting reversible methods and permanent surgical methods. Your most effective contraceptive choice is one that is easy for you to use consistently and takes into account both your short- and long-term plans for pregnancy. An appropriate contraceptive choice may also help address specific problems such as  heavy menstrual bleeding, painful menstrual cycles or dysmenorrhea, irregular cycles, painful ovulation, acne, pre-menstrual syndrome and menstrual migraines. Dr. Drake-Albert will take these issues into account while counseling you on a wide variety of family planning options and help you make a choice right for you.


Short-acting reversible methods:


• Oral Contraceptive Pill

• Ortho-Evra patch

• Nuva Ring

• Depo Provera  (injection)


Not all birth control methods are alike! They can vary widely in the type and dose of hormones used. Different regimens are available that will limit your cycle to a few short days per month, or even just a few times per year.


Long-acting reversible methods:


• Skyla IUD

• Mirena IUD

• Paragard IUD  (non-hormonal)

• Nexplanon  (implant)


Permanent irreversible methods:


• Essure Sterilization

• Laparoscopic Tubal Sterilization or Ligation



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