IUD Placement (Intra-Uterine Device Placement)

There are currently three Intra-Uterine Devices (IUDs)  available in the United States. The options include both hormonal and non-hormonal methods. The IUD's in use today are well-established in their safety and effectiveness at preventing pregnancy, and can even be used in young women and women who have never given birth. The contraceptive benefits rival that of a tubal ligation or sterilization, but are completely reversible upon removal of the IUD.


The IUD, along with Nexplanon (an implant which is placed in the upper arm), is included in the category of contraception known as LARC, or Long Acting Reversible Contraception. When an IUD is due to be removed and continued contraception is desired, the IUD can be removed and and a new IUD placed at the same office visit. If pregnancy is desired the IUD can be removed at any time. Dr. Drake-Albert will provide specific medications to allow your  IUD placement to be as comfortable as possible, and has noted most women tolerate this office-based procedure very well.


Mirena: contains Levonorgestral, a progestin. It is greater than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. Mirena is also used to treat heavy menstrual bleeding, with most users noting at least an 80-90% reduction in menstrual flow. The Mirena IUD is effective for 5 years.


Skyla: is a small IUD containing a lower dose of the progestin Levonorgestral, compared to Mirena. Because of its smaller size Skyla is perfect for women with small uteruses and women who have never had a baby. Most women with a Skyla IUD will continue to have menstrual cycles, although they may notice  their cycles are lighter. Skyla is greater than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy and the contraceptive benefits last for three years.


Paragard: is also known as the Copper IUD. Paragard is the most effective reversible non-hormonal method of contraception available today. It is a perfect choice for women who choose not to use hormones or have a medical contraindication to using hormones. Women who use Paragard IUD will continue to have menstrual cycles. Paragard is greater than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy for 10 years.

The Mirena hormonal intrauterine device.


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